VidZapper 8 is a comprehensive video and media management platform that will transform your business.

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Video Logistics

VidZapper 8 can help you make the most of video as a medium, whatever business you’re in.

We can help you  increase distribution by providing tools for building and distributing your own channels, for social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and for third party distribution.

We can help you  save money by reducing the costs of creating and managing your archives and sales processes.

We can help you  make money by opening up new distribution outlets and enabling you to build online libraries and stores for your content, as well as finding and dealing with new customers.

VidZapper provides a single platform that easily enables you to make the most of the future developments in the video and TV industry.

vidzapper features

Video Management

Ingestion/Preparation – upload your Master and version your content ready for distribution to all your broadcast and online destinations with custom profiles, hugely scalable encoding and the lowest cost encoding options in the cloud

Storage – have your content available online in the cloud, secure, redundant and accessible from wherever you are in the world

Metadata – manage all of the details around your programming and content and make it available to your customers

Approvals – get approval for content before it is published, including commenting on specific frames of the content

The system can handle video on demand, live streams and feeds, advertising and user generated content.

vidzapper features

Video Distribution

Players – build video services, websites and player that work across all platforms out of the box, with no coding

Libraries – build your own video libraries

Commercialization – add a paywall, charge for downloads or pay-per-view; support video advertising; combine commercial models

Social Features – distribute to all social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,  etc..

Broadcast – distribute to broadcasters and commercial video services in their required formats with just a couple of clicks

Metrics – get detailed information on system viewing and usage by individual users or videos

vidzapper features