upload, store and index you master videos

Store your video masters and make them readily accessible to your production team and to customers.

There are a number of ways to get your content onto VidZapper. You can set up agents to scan your network storage and hard drive and automatically ingest all files.

VZ8 Onboarding video

You can also ingest content in a range of formats either as files or as feeds.

Easier still you can just drag and drop folders and files to upload content to the system. All of the encoding and versioning will be done for you.

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create proxies for viewing across all devices and platforms

VZ8 Versions

When you upload content the system will automatically create versions of your videos that will play across all devices, from mobiles to HD TVs. These videos are made available via a content delivery network, so can also be used for commercial services.

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create versions of files for distribution to broadcasters and SVOD services

VZ8 Distribution

If you need other formats for distribution, these will also be automatically created to the formats required by the companies you are distributing to. The system already holds a huge number of profiles for major broadcasters and you can easily add new ones.

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manage metadata and related materials

VZ8 - Manage Metadata

You can store metadata and related documents, images, audio tracks and materials alongside your video. All of your content can be categorized and tagged.

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review and approve video

VZ8 Approve Video

VZ8 can be used for approving video and has tools to enable approval of a production and the ability for comments to be added at specific points in the timeline. Multiple users can remotely collaborate on a project using these features.

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manage rights

VZ8 Manage Video Rights

You can also track rights in and rights out for every item, keeping records of contributors and residuals and also recording transmissions and usage.

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embed video in your own websites and blogs

VZ8 Embed Video

You can take any video and embed it in your website or content management system, or you can create custom players that you can distribute.

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create your own video channels that will work across devices and platforms

VZ8 - Create Video Websites

With a few clicks you can create highly customized web channels that will work automatically across all devices from smartphones to HD TVs.

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build a screening room that program buyers can access anywhere

VZ8 - Build Screening Rooms

And build screening rooms where program buyers can view your content anywhere, on any device.

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create commercial video services with advertising support, pay per view and subscription options

VZ8 - VOD Service

You can commercialize your channels using advertising, subscription and pay per view and the system supports live broadcasts and simulcast as well as on demand video.

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distribute video to broadcasters and customers

VZ8 Distribute Video

You can use VidZapper to distribute your productions to clients, broadcasters and video on demand services with a couple of clicks. No more expensive duplication services and couriers.

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send video to social media, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

VZ8 Manage Social Video


What’s more, you can also send videos to all major social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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track, measure and audit

VZ8 Analytics and Auditing Video

All aspects of the system has full logging, so you can see who’s doing what when, from editing the content to end viewer activity.

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