There’s a version of VidZapper that suits your company.

From a small production company to the largest service businesses, we have provided cost effective solutions at all levels of business.



Our cloud service is hosted and managed for you. You don’t need to worry about any of the technical issues that come with the service and you can just use and scale the features you want.

Pay-as-you-go – you can pay nothing up front for using our systems and simply pay for usage such as encoding, storage and bandwidth; if you want a reliable service with low cost, this is your best option.

Packages – we offer a range of fixed packages that give you predictable costs on a month by month basis.

vidzapper features



For our larger partners and customers, our Enterprise product offers a highly flexible solution that can be self-hosted or can be configured into a ‘private cloud’.

This is also an ideal option if you want to become a partner or reseller of our solutions.

vidzapper features

If you’d like to discuss what version is best for your purposes or to price your project, get in touch: